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Additional references to the famous television show
The Prisoner developed a large cult following, and numerous songs, shows, books, and videos pay homage to the series. Many authors and artists were inspired by the strange but individualistic offerings of this 1960s show. The Simpsons , for instance, developed an entire episode spoofing the show, and even Patrick McGoohan lent his voice to it! Many references can be also found within the Prisoner FAQ (link below); however, the FAQ has not been updated since the mid 1990s. The U.S. Home Page presents two noteworthy follow-ups that occurred upon airing of the 1960s show. Marvel Comics bought the rights to do a comic book re-creation of the series, with the first issue being an adaptation of “Arrival”. This project occurred in the late 1970s (launched by then-editor-in-chief Marv Wolfman, who soon quit and moved over to DC Comics), and framed two attempts of this issue, both largely incomplete. The first was penciled by the famous Gil Kane of Spiderman fame, and the second attempt was from Jack Kirby, famous for developing the Fantastic Four and Thor . These works are presently available through Titan Comics. The Jack Kirby version is underscored by heavy amounts of third-person narration, whereas the Kane version reflects a first-person portrayal of No.6’s sudden abduction. DC Comics then produced a short miniseries of the Prisoner in 1988, written by Dave Motter. Another serious undertaking was the brief six-part AMC cable miniseries that aired in 2009, starring Ian McKellen, Jim Caviezel and Hayley Atwell (another link to Marvel!) The titles of each episode, in order, were “Arrival”, “Harmony”, “Anvil”, “Darling”, “Schzoid”, and “Checkmate”. There were no significant production team members from the original series working on this project. This modern remake departed significantly from the original series; it involved an escape- proof Village but lacked a similar plot. This received mixed reviews, which can be interpreted as highly negative this day and age.

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