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The Prisoner ... Arguably one of the greatest science-fiction TV series of all time, it is the story of one man's attempt to retain his individuality against a society that treats every person as a number. “Number 6” is what this man is referred to in the inescapable, “socially correct” torture-chamber known as the Village, and he continually resists coercion to conform throughout the 17-episode miniseries as he tries to discover the answer to that most important question, Who is number 1?

Our site contains many subpages. First, the Beginner's Page contains some background information of the show, including the show's predecessor(s) Secret Agent/Danger Man. The Episodes Page contains the ever-klassic Kents Notes, a humorous summary of the series. Kirby's Quotes Page is self-explanatory. Our Theories Page is a more philosophical endeavor regarding some details of the Prisoner, most importantly, the Fall Out Theory. Last, we have a links page called the Tally-Ho.

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