The Prisoner Episode Survey

“We, the Village authorities, are surveying our citizens to find out the popular opinion of each of The Prisoner episodes. Not only are we requesting feedback on the general opinion of a particular episode (as measured by its OVERALL SCORE), but we are also interested in the ratings of each episode's Cinematography, Music, Acting, Editing, Plot Cohesiveness, Plot Originality, ‘Prison’ Theme, Comments on Society, and Deepness, so we can understand the television psyche of our citizens well enough to design an entertaining television programme through which we can implant our latest subliminal messages . . . Oops! Little Freudian slip there . . .

“Anyway, you will find the lastest Episode Survey results tabulated here, [Under renovation]

and definitions of each of the ten Episode Survey categories here. The category definitions are only intended to give more meaning and details to some categories whose titles our Citizens might find vague or misleading. Our Citizens should feel free to interpret the categories as they see fit. We realize, of course, that some of our Citizens will have difficulty grasping the concept of ‘feel free.’

“Citizens of the Village may continue to fill out the Episode Survey form here. (Note that you must be a Citizen to respond to our Survey; see the item directly below for information on entering the Village.) We humbly ask for patience as the Survey form requires some time to load up on some machines. [Under renovation]

“To become a member of the Village, you must first take a Citizen Aptitude Test. This test is necessary to weed out the nonconformants and others who insist on being ‘individuals’ before they enter the Village and become nothing but troublemakers who must be closely monitored. If you feel you can pass this psychological exam and are willing to take ‘the big plunge,’ click here.[Under renovation]

“Additionally, you will find Kirby's personal comments on each episode here. This is simply intended to be one person's viewpoint of the episodes; as the comments may tend to bias your opinion of each episode, you might consider responding to the survey before you read these comments.”

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1996 Reed, Kent, and Kirby Meyer. Created: 1996 Jan. 17. Last modified: 2006 Apr. 7.